January 9, 2017

And Now It's Time to Say Goodbye

After some serious consideration, We've decided to end the blog.

It's been 7 1/2 years since I started writing Cardigans & Couture, and it has provided me with an incredible outlet to share my favorite fashions, recipes, food, stores, restaurants, feelings and so much more.

When Katie joined me in writing nearly six years ago it helped lessen the load, but over the past year we've blogged less as other obligations have taken our time. As I move into 2017, I've decided I need to focus more, to have fewer commitments and not be spread so thin, and Katie feels the same.

This has been a really hard decision. I love this blog. I love that I know people look to us for gift ideas, for travel advice and to connect. I love that I can use the blog as an outlet to write about life, children, stress or whatever else is on my mind. I'm not sure what that outlet will be moving forward.

For now the Instagram account will still be active, and we may post there with more regularity, but I'm just going to take a month or so to feel that out. Do you want C&C to stay active on Instagram or is it the blog you are most interested in? (comment below)

My dear friend Pauline always tells me in times of challenge or transition that it is "this or something better." While it is hard to say goodbye to the time and energy I have put into C&C for the past 7 1/2 years, I know that it will result in something better.

And so for the last time, I will say thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for trusting our recommendations and thank you for following this little blog for 7 1/2 years.

It has been a joy.

December 22, 2016

18 Rabbits

You may remember the amazingly delicious granola recipe I posted (here) a while back. Well, finding a granola that tastes this good that is low in sugar is nearly impossible. Earlier this week I came across 18 Rabbits in the Hailey Albertson's and decided to try it. 

With only 3g of sugar per serving I was intrigued. It's usually that granola this low in sugar just tastes like baked oats out of a bag, but this is delicious! 

They also sell the granola in other flavors and as granola bars. All of their products are organic, gluten free, non GMO, dairy free, and soy free. 

I'm anxious to try this fig, cranberry and hazelnut bar.

And they have Jr Granola Cereal that is filled with crispy brown rice, seeds and fruit.

I don't often buy granola or granola bars because of the high sugar, but 18 Rabbits is going to become a regular in our house. 

December 21, 2016

C&C on the Move

This past weekend we traveled to McCall, Idaho to participate in the two day Northwest Passage Ski Mountaineering Race. Friday's race consisted of a 1600ft vertical race and Saturday a traditional ski mountaineering race with 5500 ft of vertical. 

The weather was so brutally cold that I didn't get any photos from the mountain. Here's a shot from the lodge. I ended up purchasing this Mammut skirt Friday prior to the race just to keep my tush and legs warm over my race suit....it was THAT cold. 

Here are a few shots from Friday's vertical race. I'm at the base of the climb to the far left. It wasn't a stellar performance, but given my lack of training, I was just happy that I didn't finish last. 

 This look is called "cold, tired and I live at sea level".

Saturday morning the temperatures were reading as low as -27 on our car, and at the start the temp was still ten to twenty degrees below zero. My younger self would have joined my amazing and slightly crazy husband....
photo courtesy of Eric Hoff

But my older, wiser self decided to stay in the warmth of my cozy bed at the Shore Lodge. Let's talk about the Shore Lodge. I had not stayed in this hotel in well over a decade, and only in the summer, so I didn't have any expectations going into it. 

The Lodge sits right on Payette Lake with spectacular views. Here are a few photos I took. 

And some from the hotel's Facebook page. The lodge in winter...

And in summer.

The cozy fireplace in the lobby.

And one of the rooms. Did I mention how cozy the beds were? I'm very particular about bed linens, pillows and mattresses, and these did not disappoint!

From the moment we arrived we were treated with only the highest level of service and hospitality. At the check-in desk they had a tray with a caprese bruschetta (which the second night was a pastry puff filled with a tasty fruit compote). Each night at turn-down we found a freshly baked treat next to the bed (oatmeal raisin cookie and rice crispy treat). Our dog was welcomed to the hotel with a food and water bowl and dog biscuits. And every....yes EVERY member of the hotel staff that we encountered was friendly and helpful. I would easily equate the level of service to that of the Ritz Carlton.

Friday before our race the Mini and I decided to check out the heated outdoor pool.

We had a great time swimming despite the crazy cold temperatures.

At the end of our very short stay (2 nights), the Mini said "I really like this resort. Can we come back here again?" Of course my heart will always be in my hometown of Sun Valley, but McCall and the Shore Lodge has made an imprint that will have us coming back for more. I didn't even have a chance to visit their incredible The Cove spa, so a return trip is definitely in order. 

As far as restaurants....we went to the Fogglifter Cafe three times in two days. It reminded me a lot of Java (in Ketchum) with great coffee, baked goods, breakfast and lunch food. We also had dinner at the Salmon River Brewery. I had a delicious steak salad, and they had a great selection of beers. Stacey Cakes came highly recommended, but we didn't have a chance to get there. I guess we have something to look forward to for our next trip. 

So if you find yourself looking for a fantastic winter or summer getaway, I highly recommend the Shore Lodge. 

December 20, 2016

Pom Pom

I received this hat as a Christmas gift from my dearest friend. You may have sent the photo already on the C&C Instagram account....

I'm totally in love with it. While the color way I have is no longer available...

They do still have this one, and it's on sale.

So if you need something cute and cozy to keep your head warm....this hat is pretty awesome! 

December 19, 2016

Life Lately

My apologies for being M.I.A. from the blog for the past few weeks. Work travel took me to Dallas for four days and then, very early on the morning I was scheduled to return home, I got a call from my husband that a 100+ foot tree had fallen into our house, right over our bedroom.

Needless to say it was not a phone call I expected to get a 3 o'clock in the morning. It was a small miracle that my husband wasn't crushed by this tree. We are so very thankful for the strength of our new metal roof. 

The 100ft tree was followed hours later by a huge snow storm...luckily we were able to get the tree off the house and get the roof covered with a tarp before the snow arrived.

 Here's a photo of the Mini Fashionista climbing on the trunk of the tree to give you an idea of scale.

The tree has slowly been removed, and now we begin the long and annoying process of rebuilding our very damaged house, fence and backyard.

While it will be a very big hassle, I'm trying to focus on the positive...that no one was hurt and that my family is safe. 

Since it wasn't safe to sleep in our back bedrooms, we moved our mattress to the living room. While not ideal, it was actually kind of cozy. 

So, now that things have settled down a bit I will try to get back to blogging! Expect at least a few more posts before Christmas, and then I will likely take another break until the New Year.

November 30, 2016

Shop Local

While I will admit to doing a very large amount of online shopping, I also try to support small and local businesses. This Christmas I will be buying gifts from a fantastic Portland maker called Non-perishable Goods.

All Non-perishable Goods products are entirely hand-crafted using only natural fiber materials including linen, wool felt, vintage wool, vintage textiles, recycled cotton/hemp, repurposed denim, leather, cotton and paper. npg's linen napkins are sewn locally in portland, Oregon.

The teal with navy are my favorite! I plan to pick-up a set for myself while I am buying for others.

November 29, 2016

Have Bag, Will Travel

Yesterday's post was for the men in your life. Today's gift guide is for all of the women in your life. While everyone likes extravagant gifts, practical gifts are pretty awesome too. I recently purchased a travel toiletry bag that I'm totally obsessed with. 

I took mine on our trip to Bend last week, and it perfectly held all of my toiletries. 

It's pretty awesome!